OctasOna - 3x2

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This is a sOnA pattern with octagons. The basic motif is an octagon arranged in three rows and two columns. This motif is rotated in steps of 45 deg and joined together at the corners. The resultant pattern has an eight-fold symmetry with two colours (red and cyan). The whole pattern looks like a fan with two sets of eight blades in opposite directions. Enjoy!

Regards! - mOhana

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: OctasOna - 3x2


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Wow...superb and very different at that...thank u jkm sir..

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Wow such a pretty pattern sir. I simply love the diya in the middle.

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nice chikku kolam with diya

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nice n different pattern!

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Simply beautiful it looks with that cute lamp in the middle.

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wooooooow fantastic design, esp. the lamp adds beauty to this creation.

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looks different..lovely 8 design rangoli

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Very nice pattern.

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nice one.