my golu 2011

Submitted by jayasree kalyan on
we had lots of effects in making our golu a grand one we had lots of visitors this year................happy golu to all........................
A huge golu with 13 steps I think. Nice arrangement of the dolls. I liked that cute cow and calf doll. All the best for the contest.
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looks very very nice..All the best..
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nice golu with a huge collection of dolls. All the best
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Wow, such a big golu. Is it 13 steps? Nice arrangement and beautiful decorations. Ramar Pattabishekam set looks very nice. All the best and keep it up.
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Lovely and neat arrangement of golu...all d best:)
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Wow superb!!! So many Gods idols. Looks very grand. All the best to you.
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Very huge kolu. Nicely arranged. well done. viji
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Wow so many dolls and nice collections. The Rama set is awesome
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Wow! nice collection of dolls and such a big kolu. All the best.
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Wow! nice collection of dolls and such a big kolu. All the best.
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Anisha Raghunath
very nice golu arrangement...!!!!all the best...!!!!
Thu, 10/20/2011 - 10:33 Permalink
Nalini Venkatesh
so many bommais, wow looks good
Thu, 10/20/2011 - 23:01 Permalink
Nice. Samudhra Manthan (Asuras and Devas churning the ocean)set looks good.
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The amirtham kadaithal set in the fifth step from bottom looks fantastic.
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I noticed that you had a lot of cute Krishna dolls in display. Beautifully decorated Golu. Thank you for participating in our Navratri contest. Wish you a happy and a prosperous Diwali. :)
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Padma Prakash
Wow, what a huge set of dolls you have. very nice arrangement and rare collections also. Looks grand and requires of lot of patience to maintain and arrange also. The Lord Rama and his co. looks very divine. All the best.
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