Non floral garlands

Radhikha 3
Wow...both r so nice did u make that cotton give some tips when u r free....
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Beautiful. Please share the process of making them. Thanks Arthy
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Radhikha 3
Thankyou so much Ammu Mam . first make petals seperately and dip in kesari coloured water and make it dry in shade for one day and make red portion with woollen by using pencil and make flowers now after the yellow portion is dried thoroughly join them in group of 5 and place the woollen piece and stitch them on the ribbon or desired lace .
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Kanna tell me whether you got prize for winning the competition making garland without original flower? Fentastic da chellam. viji
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Thanks radhika...i'll try as u said and then share it with u if it comes out well...haha
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amazing deed radhika,, ur creativity always comes out in flying colors
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Dr.Rekha Shetty
beautiful and inovative garlands .Congrats dear and happy dasera
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Wow looks so good. Both of them are excellent. Ur very talented dear. Hats off to u and ur mom.
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Radhikha 3
Thankyou so much for your good comments Ammu Mam Im wishing you all the best for your try Thankyou uma Mam , Rekha Mam wishing you the same and Thankyou Dibbu Mamfor good comments.
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these two garlands are speaking your artistic skill, soooooooooo nice radhika.
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excellent hand work rathika..... both r very nice... A.Julien
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Radhikha 3
Thankyou so much Bala Mam, Julien Mam And Sridevi Mam for good comments .
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