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I like to put the dots in different colors in my dotted kolam. Here is one such kolam that I made last year.

Rangoli: Kolam


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Diya, different color dots looks different.hey ur kolam come out nice..keep it up.

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Hey Diya, I also like colorful dots.It reminds colorful Bindi.This kolam is everybody's favourite!

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Way to go, Diya.... Nice Knot around colourful dots..... Keep it up.....

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Diya, I like your parellel lines on both sides!

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Such a lovely concept Diya - the dots are pretty

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who is this person Sinkark ??? is it a kid or adult ??? hey whoever you are do you know how beautiful and creatively diyu has made this kolam as... only kids have such power to make such beautiful kolams, if you dont like this kolam keep your comment to yourself... never spoil the spirit of a kid, It is a sin... I agree that critics whether negative and positive have to be handled positively... but i dare you to make such comments on kids ....

Gowri Manohari Narayanan...

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thank you for sticking up for me Gowri_Ana... Smile


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Well said Gowri.... Sinkark, dont you dare to speak out in such a manner.... that too to our Kids... Friend or Foe, you dont have any right to speak so...

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Hi, Divya
Thank you, your kolam reminds my childhood kolams and ll suggest you onething "Hardwork makes a man perfect". your hardwork gives beautiful report.... keep it up .....

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"Oru kid ivvalavu azhaga interest eduthu podudhe enakku adhu kooda mudiyaleye! kevalamaayirukku enakku"endru sinkark is scolding himself/herself?

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irukalam rajamma amma....

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Sinkark,i think still you have not grown up.well said rajam..