sona square in a sona square

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Here is a sona square in a sona square. The inner square is made up of 5x2 sona patterns and the outer square is made up of 11x3 sona patterns. These two are connected in such a way that maximum symmetry results. The voids are appropriately decorated. Enjoy!

Regards! - mOhana

Rangoli: sona square in a sona square


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looks grand and detailed,,

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nice and gud chikku kolam sir.

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Superb one JKM Sir. Looks so grand and big.


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wow nice sir!-suguna murugesan

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Wow...awesome pattern jkm sir.....

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very nice and grand sir....pretty nicely woven

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Complex kolam - looks nice.

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I like everything in this design. The warm glow just takes you to a serene and calm place - like a village. Smile
I'm reminded of lighting oil lamps in my grandma's thinnai - maadam. I don't know what to call a maadam in english and would definitely come back to this page to translate it when I find out anything. Smile

Thinnai - is a tamil word for the front yard with seating available on both sides, usually.
And Maadam is more like a built-in-shelf in the wall (in the thinnai) to place the oil lamp in the evenings.

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Wow Sir, what a beautiful pattern this is. As always I love the cute lamps.

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Great work sir!! Gives a calm feeling!!
Actually, I tried your prayer mat today on floor...Since I didnt use colours, I didnt upload it.
- PadmaKarthik

vijaysowmya's picture beautifully created design with sona patterns sir. Very pleasant to look at!!!

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Thanks everybody, I am grateful for your comments. I am still not satisfied with this. I spent a long time over the centre. The central square and the lamp inside are fine. I am still not that happy with the four little lamps surrounding it. I tried concentric squares, but was not pleased. After several unsuccessful trials, I left it as it is. This is a new concept. Of course, concepts are quite easy to come by, but their execution takes considerable time. In a pattern like this, the weaving part is the one that takes real time, lots of it. I want to try three sonas, but that means a 23x23 pattern (this is 17x17). Lot of work, let us see. latAjI, I think you're looking for the word niche, am I right?

Regards! - mOhana

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> (this is 17x17),
sorry it must be (15x15).

Regards! - mOhana

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I would love to see your version on the floor, padmA ma'am!

Regards! - mOhana

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very nice.

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Yes, niche is the apt word for it. Thank you.