Kathakali rangoli

Lata Tue, 01/13/2004 - 23:00
Wow...absolutely fantastic pc kolam lata....d col choices r so palich-palich....
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Lata, perfect kathakali image drawn by you in PS. Very nice. Mahalakshmi
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Wow Lata dear, splendid!!! Looks very beautiful, that too done on PS wow too good pa.
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Yay, I got three comments :0 Thanks so much! You see, this was uploaded in the year 2004, and the commenting part wasn't even introduced back then. I'm sure you can understand my feelings. :)
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wow , this looks so colorful,,, i often wanted to draw a small one and colour ,, this has induced me a lot,, lata for d arthy plate y dont i draw this in glitters? s s s getting comments r grt boosters, i remember sleeping beside my monitor for my 1st upload thanking everyone(for my golu post)
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Oh Lata, I dont know how many such wonderful work we would have missed commenting. I know the feeling dear. U really would like to get appreciate/appreciate others work but would be helpless. Thanks to u for this lovely commenting section it makes things easier in commenting as well as interacting and making friends.
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Wow!!!!! Magnificent work Lata. Really admiring the way you have drawn. You have brought a soft look in the face which is quite rare to get.
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some persons, some works are beyond commenting.They needn't approval and commenting from others.yours is one of it.Though, I dare to comment because I love it.I like it.so , so beautiful face.(naanum photo shop use pannugirene yendru thalayil adiththukkoLLugiren)
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Lata, I can understand ur feelings. Without this commenting section, we cannot do any wonders. Need to know other's opinion and suggestions for improving, which is possible only throught this commenting part. Thanks for enabling such a good platform for us. Mahalakshmi
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Kathakali image is very nice.sorry for the delay. Last 15 days I had guests who came to attend my nephew's marriage.So no time to open the pc and to see the rankolies.
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