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Suguna Murugesan
wow sowmi amazing dear ! anchor thread work?suguna murugesan
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marvellous, wonderful ............ add all the words of appreciation, no words to comment on your work, congrats kanna.
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Thanks Suguna(yes) and Bala for your nice comments.
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Dr.Rekha Shetty
Awesome! marvellous excellent work dear .please let me know the procedure when u r free dear
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this looks amazing sowmi, can u explain d making?
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Amazingly beautiful work Sowmi. I liked it so much. Mahalakshmi
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Nice thread work sowmi...uma...they r available in fancy stores as anchor kits...it consists of a printed design, colourful threads, needles etc...u just have to go on selecting d col of d thread according to d pattern and do straight stitches lengthwise...thats all...
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கப்பல் நல்ல கப்பலாம் கடலில் செல்லும் கப்பலாம் அக்கறைக்கு செல்லவே ஆட்கள் ஏறும் கப்பலாம் என பாட தோன்றுது இந்த அழகிய கப்பலை பார்த்தவுடன் ... A.Julien
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Thank you friends for your nice comments.
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Padma Prakash
A neat and nice embroidery work Soumi. Very well suits fot this theme.
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Sowmya, now where do I begin to write and how do I begin, I have no idea. :) To be frank with, I didn't get any adjective at all in my mind when I first looked at this one. After sitting there wide-eyed for a few minutes, the first thought that ran through my mind was; "how come she never told us?" :0 That's right Sowmya, how come you never shared your pretty embroidery works with us in all these months, and years? :) Especially a masterpiece like this one which must have taken many days for you to finish. It takes a lot of patience to take up such a project and finish it too. I should know, since I have an unfinished piece that has been sitting in my suitcase for 15 years. Thanks so much for sharing this other side of you, Sowmya! Fabulous work from a great artist. :) (Okay brain, now get back to thinking of more themes and throw in some weird ones, that will make Sowmya share some of her other artistic secrets that she must be hiding. :0 )
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Marvelous piece of work! Looks like a painting or a picture on "Reader's Digest"! I really love this. Regards! - mOhana
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Thank you Padma, Lata and Jkm sir for your wonderful comments. Lata, many many thanks for your comments. Glad you liked it very much. This embroidery work was was done by me some 7or 8 years ago.....It took about three months to complete this...even though it looks simple it is very difficult to get the perfect tension of the strings ......as you said a lot of patience is required.....I am interested in doing such things from my childhood days ..any type of art work.....but haven't attended any classes or tried to improve it because of time constraint. I have done some work of this type and will surely share it with you in the coming days. But I am not an expert or a great artist...just one who loves art and nature of any kind. Thank you once again.
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Sowmya, I am speechless. Fantastic work done by you. Sridevi
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