shell kolam

white beauty. friends i want to see all your creation now itself, but lack of time i will give kutty comments.
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Ven sangu kolam is very very beautiful!!!!
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Dr.Rekha Shetty
What a pretty shell fish dear .I could not imagine one can make such a lovely shells in kolam
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ahaaaaa.. i saw the deep sea... under the conches.... lovely A.Julien
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Suba, pretty white shells in a beautiful background.
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Thank you Bala,Rani, uma, sowmya, padma, nithya,maha, Rekha,jullien and pushpa.
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Suguna Murugesan
wow i missed this beautiful shanku kolam! nice dear!-suguna murugesan
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Good, could earn some Rs :-) Regards! - mOhana
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Suba ma'm, if these weren't sea-shells, I would've gobbled them all up as soon as I saw them. They look like burfis (sweets) to me, in both shape and color, as well as the texture. :0
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lata, your comment is real sweet.o, you think ,that I am fit only for making burfis ?
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