Miniature doll

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Your mini doll is cute.Wishing us Good morning or Goodnite?

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So cute, Diya.... has got beautiful eyes.... with a hearty smile....

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How sweet ,cute your dolly and you ofcourse.

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diya,cute & sweet doll,

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Rosy cheeks - cute doll.. I am sure she is just like you Diya..

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Nice creation

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I am glad everybody enjoyed my doll. Thank you.

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itsnso did u make it??

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What r the instructions?

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Thank you Diya, for the idea. I'll make one like this for my grand daughter!

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Hi, it is very nice. I want to know how to make this doll. I have to create one like this for my baby

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Diya please may i know how to make it?

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looks so cute plz let me know how to make this???.....
Thanks in advance...