Let's go on a cruise

fishes and star fish very nice.
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Suguna Murugesan
wow lovely star fish n nice dancing fishes!-suguna murugesan
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Very nice fish and star fish kolam vasanthi.....nice competition.....who is going to win the race?????
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Nice ringa ringa fishes kolam vasanthi....d scales u've drawn r so nice pa....no matter who wins sowmi...it is d enjoyment which we r going to have thoroughly pa....
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what a pretty group of dancers(fishes),, vsanth ur wk is too perfect da
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Dr.Rekha Shetty
what a great imagination dear .Hats off to u.larta and her hero in the center and we are dancing around them wooow come on toms lets dance ...musiiiiiiiic on...danta dan.....
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Superb imagination and lovely star fish with other fishes.
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Vasanthi, beautiful set of dancing fishes with a star fish in the centre. Mahalakshmi
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Vasanthi, yenna marundhiteegala pa, naanum varen naanum varen sniff sniff dont leave me and goooooo. Cute looking fishes and beautiful color combo Vasanthi. Very nice dear.
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Padma Prakash
Nice Star fish and their family of ikolam fishes (members) Nice imagination and the scales you have created is very nice.
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what else work is for me ? wait, wait I am coming.so beautiful kolam .colouring is super.imagination is very very nice.
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You have such a vivid imagination, Vasanthi! Looks the bold and beautiful colors you've used on these pretty fishes going around in a circle! They look very nice against the black background, and I like how you've used the black space from the background around the eyes. An innovative design indeed! :)
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I forgot to add that the real stars in this site are the wonderful creations that our members make, Vasanthi! :0 (So sweet of you, thanks for including us in your thoughts though, we're touched). :)
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Nicely coloured fish. The yellow and blue are very apt. But the starfish is not normal. For symmetry you could have had eight legs. Normally starfish have five legs only. I just now read that at times they lose one in fighting and when it regrows, it can split and there can be more than five legs. Regards! - mOhana
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thank you all friends for your wonderful comments. thank you very much lata mam. really your comment is a great award to me mam. Yes JKM Sir, could have mainted the symmetry in the centre for start fish. I have no time at my office and no system at my home at that time, but I wanted to participate in this theme hence could not give a perfect one and also more creations. But I am happy that I also participated in this theme friends.
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It looks like an embroidery done meticulously. very neat finish.Very nice.
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