Seven stars

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My next kolam of 13 to 7 series.Can be done by begineers and children easily.the violet kolam in the centre went drawn is supposed to bring luck(info from a book which I read sometime back)

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Seven stars


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Sumathi, your centre kolam kindles my memory back to school days.
For a sports day, about 100 girls of our school were trained to put this kolam on the playground while the song 'vara veena mruthu paani' was sung by a group on the stage. The kolam would be completed when the song was over. It was a memorable experience that even after 45 yrs I sing that song whenever I put this kolam!

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Rajamma our next meet promise to sing that song and put this kolam for us please...

Sumathi good collection..

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Judy, It is Rajamma's sister who will sing the song.. O.K?

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Nice rangOli, but still don't know why it is distorted.
By the way, whenever I see the words varavINAmRdupANI or hear the song, I always
remind people that it is a song on lakshmI, not sarasvati.

Regards! - mOhana