ammuchandhini's picture

Hai to all...this dotted kolam 23-5 times was done by me recently...hope u like this...waiting for ur views...



Suguna Murugesan's picture

chikku kolam in padikolam design super! i think ur kola podi texture is not nice. cos ur ezhai is not free flow.....suguna murugesan

ammuchandhini's picture

Thank u suguna...yes dear...absolutely correct...another thing is i think i forgot (actual reason is in d end ...haha)to pour enough water and clean my floor...thats why u r seeing d previous day's pdr smeared all over.....i thought d rain was enough and ofcourse my laziness too....haha

Suguna Murugesan's picture

ok cool!-suguna murugesan

nithyaashok's picture

Lovely chikku kolam with perfect border

Dr.Rekha Shetty's picture

very neat and clean.hats off to u dear

seethalakshmi suresh's picture

wow.. lovely..very neat kolam

vasanthi's picture

lovely lovely padi kolam in chikku kolam mam.

umaraja's picture

excepting d floor everything looks good in this, i just love the line borders done so exactly,,,,lazy to clean that too u rani??? nt at all dear i have always wondered seeing ur sincere dedication for kolam each and every day,,,

julien's picture

wow..... beautiful chikku kolam.... neenga entha speedla ponikanna,,,, nan(juli), and reka mam... no try to chikku kolam... hahaaa ha... rani mam, my mother in law expert in chikku kolam.... just like U....

BalaChandrasekaran's picture

aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa indha combinationum kalakudhe.

Dr.Rekha Shetty's picture

matching kolam to ur lovely tiles .excellent design and neat presentation .u deserve one beauuuuuutiful award from us dear

ammuchandhini's picture

Thanks a lot friends for ur lovely comments...@ julien...hey ask ur mil to share d sikku kolams pa...atleast u can upload those done on paper...that is itself enough for us to see and try..i know u r a busy girl...but when time permits pl think of what is said....rekha mam award no dear if u get me biiig packets of mumbai rangoli pdrs it is more than enough for me...hahhah

vijaysowmya's picture

A very grand chikku cum padikolam design in lavender colour well made ...made to match the floor:)

Suguna Murugesan's picture

hai sowmi intha colour rani pink thaane!-suguna murugesan

ammuchandhini's picture

Paarra...marupadiyum...ur haha in my kk made me think u were teasing me suguna...and when sowmi said i was what again r u trying to convey...haha..thank u sowmi...

Suguna Murugesan's picture

sorry dear!suguna murugesan

Suguna Murugesan's picture

rani dear antha kolamnu ninaichu inga vanthiten he he.........suguna murugesan

ammuchandhini's picture

Why r u wasting one sorry pa....this is violet mixed with a little pink...podhuma...aale vidungappa saami....

Suguna Murugesan's picture

illapa naan intha colourai sollala bymistake naan inga scrap pannitten!-suguna murugesan

ammuchandhini's picture

Just 10 more to go .... it is time for my daily eve kolam...and here u r tying me up...haha...thaangaleppa...andha kolamnu nenachu inge funny...

Suguna Murugesan's picture

carry on dear! bye-suguna murugesan

Dr.Rekha Shetty's picture

ammu done .u send ur postal address to me i will try if any of my field people r going to chennai from office then i will try to handover few colours with them which either u can collect it or if they stay near to ur residence in that case i will ask them to deliver the same to u .

alameluranganath's picture

nice chikku kolam gud one.

dibbutn's picture

Beautiful Chikku kolam dear. I admire the way you put such huge kolams everyday. yennala mudiyadhu pa. Naan oru somberi (actually as much as I want to put big kolams I am unable to pa, no stamina, vaiyasachi poliruku Blum 3

ammuchandhini's picture

Thank u rekha mam...i was just kidding dear...anyways thanks a lot for ur words...thank u priya and push...what is this of late i am seeing u always polambifying(brooding) about age, eyesight and all....come on kutty....i am much much older than u...take me as an inspiration and continue doing ur maakolams and kt kolams....main hoon do big kolams.. leave that job to me....haha...enjoy....

Padma Prakash's picture

Lovely Lovely sikku padi kolam RAni.

subashini's picture

wonderful sikku kolam Rani.

BalaChandrasekaran's picture

the col. combo is very soft and attractive, as usual a perfect kolam Rani. for varalakshmi viradham my sister tried one of your kolam and said everybody appreciated,i asked her to upload .

smahalakshmi's picture

Rani, lovely chikku kolam in padi kolam pattern. As Uma and Pushpa said, i can never imagine u being lazy for cleaning and making pretty kolam on a daily basis. I liked the border design. very nicely decorated like a padi kolam.


rajamma_2's picture

Rani, Iam happy that recent chikku padikkolam is inspiring you all. Here this lavender border chikku kolam is very beautifully done. The photo angle gives a different look for this beauty.
Pushpa, vayasaachu, kannu theriyale, kaal madakka mudiyale, kai nadungudhu endru solla naan oru paatti podum, neenga ellarum innum niraya varushangal kolam pottu engalai magizhvikkanum... Ok..vaa?
Happy Independance Day to you all.
( recently two fo my close family members passes away... which kept me away from ikolam. sorry for the break)

saka's picture

nice ,superb chikku kolam

ammuchandhini's picture

Oh...rajamma mam...only now i knew why u were absent...we missed u...thank u, thanks padma, suba, bala, maha and kanaga mam for ur lovely comments...

veena manigandan's picture

Veey nice and neat kolam. What to say more than this.

anirudh's picture

beautiful as ever, nice border color

jkmrao's picture


Regards! - mOhana

ammuchandhini's picture

Thank u veena, anirudh and jkm sir...

BharathiKRaman's picture

asusual chikku kolam / padi kolam .where is your bright kaavi????of course looking good with blue outline!!!!!!!!