bb kolam2

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About bb kolam2:

hai frnz, its my 2nd bb kolam done by 11 30pm , ur comments pls

Rangoli: bb kolam2


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Nice palich padi kolam design done on ur black board uma...looks so bright and it is so windy too not able to do a big kolam outside at all pa....

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bright, colorful and a litle scary to look at, may be due to the midnight masala!

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itz nice in black background!!-suguna murugesan

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Uma, this is very beautiful and bright kolam dear. Very nice padi kolam with some freehand designs. When did u start to make black board kolams? I didn't see ur BB-1 kolam. I think i would hv missed that.


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pretty padi kolam uma dear.. you can resize the picture da so the view would be easier and also occupies less space in the server...(just a suggestion dear...) I think that's the reason Rajammaji..had scarred seeing this midnight masala...

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nice kolam rangoli

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thanks a lot rani,rajamma mam,suguna, maha( no maha d 1st one is yet to be published), vasanthi( i too felt d same vasanthi, could have resized, ) and priya

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Yes Uma, I saw ur first BB kolam and commented there. Thanks.


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kalakal kolam.

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Beautiflu rangoli with good colorcombinations.
Black background and white borers with colors inside made the kolam a Super HIT !

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Quite colourful!

Regards! - mOhana

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thanks a lot bala, maha and jkm sir

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thanks a lot bala, maha and jkm sir

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Very bold bright and beautiful kolam in your BB uma....really appreciating your enthu in drawing kolams at 11pm.:)

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thank u sowmi

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very pretty kolam uma.

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thank u subha mam