Metal basket painting-2(outside)

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cose-up photo of one of the side of outside basket for better view

Rangoli: Metal basket painting-2(outside)


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very cute painting Dr. Rekhaji...its very difficult to draw small fish so perfectly...nice work

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nice painting I think you have pasted colourful stickers for fishes .. am i right Rekha Mam ?

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Is it so as radhika has mentioned rekha mam...coz i too have those type of stickers...they look a lot shiny with those 3-d effects...if u have painted these urself then u have done a great job like vasanthi has said....

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Good work done by you Dr Rekha.


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Ammu after painting i have used the yellow and blue glitters in one of the fish(fish at the bottom) and for the fish tank stone in between i have sprayed the yellow colour .I thought of stickers(to save the time) but they where too shiny and with the golder shiny borders hence decided to paint(of course copied the photo).The 3d effect is not due to fishes but due to the position of fishes and the painting of the water .only in one basket(with lotus picture) painting wherein i have used stickers of stars in violet band.

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lovely work jerrry

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cute fishes drawn by our jerry looks clazzzzzzz