Jewelry design

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This is a black beads chain drawn on a paper, with glass paint.

Rangoli: Jewelry design


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Chalaa bagunnadhandi..... LATA ku idhikooda icheesara????

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Lata do you realy like one this?
BhRthi very creative

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Lakshmi, yes it is beautiful, and I would like to have this too! (I'm guessing the cheese part means "want it?") Smile

Viji ma'am, I wear something like this instead of my usual Thaali, for my daily-wear. But, it is only a single-stranded one, with no pendant at the bottom. My close relatives find my preferences to be a bit unusual, because I seem to go for simple things (in clothes, jewelry). For eg, I feel that the usual Thaali ( the M-shaped one that the tamilians wear), is a bit heavy, and fancy! So, I wear mine only for occasions. And, my husband doesn't mind it at all (same goes for metti too).
Bharathi's chain is very pretty, I might buy one of these for special occasions Smile

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Lata , icheesara = given it(kuduthutingala) hmmmm Lata u can have this.... i will ask bharathi for a new design only for me.....Helo Bharathi can u hear it only with me.. hehehehe

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Bharathi has already deposited a couple more beautiful pieces in the bank Lakshmi. You could check them out for your use in the next couple of days Smile

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Cha. ..Cha.... i need to wait for couple of days...hmmmm....

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Good night . Lata, have a nice day...