metal basket painting-4

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For the inside wall decoration of this basket i have given the sun mica effect and outside in yellow background i have done some zigzag strokes.please comment

Rangoli: metal basket painting-4


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Nice work Dr Rekha, How were u able to give the Sun Mica effect in the inside of the basket?


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Mah i tis very easy .Only it is brush strokes(spreading) which gives the dark and light effect .Since i used dark brown colour it was loking perfect sun mice design .Most of her class mates liked this design over others except the fish tank(which gained the highest votes)

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Oh Great. Vare vah! Your fish tank effect painting gained highest votes. Congrats for that.


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Lovely work!

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Lovely design....Looks like you have taken so much pain in creating these beauties Dr Rekha and glad that has paid off.

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wow very nice !-suguna murugesan