15 x 1 Chikku Kolam

kameswari Thu, 03/31/2011 - 20:56

Very nice! Nice to know the grid from the site was useful. The different colors used for the strokes will be helpful for the next person who might try this design. It is no problem even if this or for that matter any one else's kolams resembles other works that has been published here. You see, people like you and me learnt this art from our ancestors, so in my opinion we are supposed to learn from all the patterns and try practicing this art. Please feel free to make things that resembles others' works too, and upload. :)
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beautifully made with neat and lovely strokes, Kameswari. It is very difficult to design new a chikku kolam because already there are so many kolams. As Lata said, no need to worry about reproducing or copying other's kolams. Only thing is that one should not claim it as their original design or just copy and paste it.
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very nice work mam. The way u used different colours is too good. (lata mam, thanks for your kind info.)
Thu, 03/31/2011 - 22:27 Permalink

very nice kolam kameswari.Thank you lata to permit us to copy a kolam.whenever I did that, sometime I feel , is it o.k?and also I tried to remake it in my own by style, and color or change the design slightly.
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Thank you Nithya, Rani Mam, Brinda, Uma, Veni, Vasanthi & Suba for your comments. Friends due to back pain I am unable to draw the kolams on the floor now-a-days except for festivals and important days.
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Lovely chikku design, Kameswari...... I am adding this to my collection! Using different colours has made your kolam all the more beautiful. Pl do take care of your back. -Sindhuja
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Kameshwari do not worry if ur kolam has already been done by someone else dear. Same kolam is interpreted in a different way by each one and looks different in a certain way so go ahead and attempt it. This kolam is lovely and looks very beautiful on paper. Would look lovely on floor.
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