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daily kolam with dot count 9-5 interlaced with cute hearts. Hope u love this one.

Rangoli: daily-kolam-26


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nice dear!-suguna murugesan

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Nice kolam with thick kavi looking beautiful padma...

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Nice kolam.
issing Padma's touch in the above kolam Smile

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Nice kolam.
Missing Padma's touch in the above kolam Smile ( Need to give a hard press on my keypad for the letter "M", my daughter's work)

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Poorni had done a kolam like this, If you wish, you can have a look of her work Padma

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nice swirls padma

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Nice kolam padma... ya i too agree with Vinci, the perfectionist Padma touch is missing... think u did this in a hurry.

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Looking very beautiful in ur new avatar padma.

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nice kolam....

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very nice with kavi.

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nice tiny hearty flowers Smile

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Nice kolam Padma..Have you used any special effects to match the kolam with your floor color or is it natural??

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nice ,lovely kolam .U look very pretty dear .

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Nice kolam with curvy lines.

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Thank you friends for your lovely comments.
Yes the kolam was done in a hurry. Hence it is not near to perfect also. As it was under daily kolam tag I uploaded- hope everyday daily kolams are done in a hurry burry manner especially by women who work outside.

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Even if done in a hurry, your kolams are cute, Padma (especially the small ones)... just like this one.

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Nice one.


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very nice kolam