chikku kolam

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About chikku kolam : PRINT

hai this is a well known chikku kolam. middle 5-5 dots n 4sides 9-1 straight dots. ur views pls.

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: chikku kolam


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Beautiful kolam Suguna. Day by day the dot count is increasing and I admire your neatness. The lotus flowers are cute with long petals (malarin patham ithu thaano), could have added some leaves Smile
I thought it was Veni's kolam in the thumbnail view

ammuchandhini's picture neatly this is made suguna...awesome pink lotuses....thanks for a nice kolam...

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very neatly done sikku kolam with cute cute lotuses. Beautiful....

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wow!!beautiful creation....nice fusion rangoli

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neat presentation with lively flowers

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wowwww! very beautiful sugna looks very pretty and strokes also very neat- vasanthi

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suguna very pretty

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very neat and pretty kolam and the slender lotuses make this kolam very beautiful, Suguna.

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Very pleasing, attractive kolam. The flowers are very stylish. The strokes are so evenly thin, the kolam looks like a print.

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thanks a lot vinci, rani, padma, lakshmi, uma, vasanthi, rekha mam, brindha n pragaya for encouraging words!-suguna murugesan

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Simple chikku kolams nicely combined! Lotus are bonus!

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thanq jaya mam!-suguna murugesan

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Very Nice kolam Suguna.


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Very very pretty kolam which looks very neat and crisp....Lotuses too are pretty....Well done Suguna.

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Suguna this is awesome, such a beauty this is. The lovely thin strokes, the beautiful lotus, everything is too good. Nice one dear.

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Even I thought it was Veni's kolam when I saw the thumbnail and I can't believe it is your kolam Suguna - you have done a truly wonderful job. Your strokes are so slender and very neat..

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thanq maha, sowmya, pushpa n jude!-suguna murugesan

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nicely done with addtional flowers...pretty neat strokes

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Lovely chikku design! The lotuses are very neat and pretty...