Happy women's day

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Hi friends Happy women's day ...this is a dotted +free hand design...drawn for women's day...dots for this rangoli..14X8 lines and 12X6 lines...

Dotted kolam
rangoli powder
Rangoli: Happy women's day


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wow thanq lakshmi! n excellent!-suguna murugesan

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lakshmi Mam thankyou so much wishing you the same and very nice kolam with the minute design in saree ..

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Wow...lakshmiiii...very beautifully made women's day kolam dear....wow...how nicely u have drawn such a bisymmetrical design....lovely....

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Lakshmi, I was waiting to see these ladies to appear in ikolam. ( The rice pounding design no?). They are looking very cute in a stunning pink color saree and garland in their hand wishing us all on this IWD . Thanks for the wishes with this lovely rangoli.

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Excellent work Lakshmi mam. The ladies are looking very cute in pink saree and matching yellow colour blouse. You have taken care of all the aspects (Kondai, a flower in the kondai, ear rings, Bindi, bangles, zari in the blouse, saree border etc etc).


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Beautiful Presentation for Women's Day. The ladies accessories are well matched to their lovely pink shade saree(I remember my mother had a similar fashioned saree some years back) The garlands look nice, good shading work. The flower on the top looks pretty.
I appreciate your energy level Lakshmi and enthusiasm in creating kolams..

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Woooooooow, can anyone make kolams like u do, i was waiting to see ur kolam pa and as always i am amazed, pleasantly shocked, and am looking at the design again and again. The detailing in this kolam is done so beautifully and with so much care. I loved the saree/blouse combination, kondai, poo, and the garland. ungaloda kaiku oru thanga valaiyel podalam (can put a gold bangle for ur hands) but what to do i dont have so much money, when I hit a lottery will buy u okay he he Smile by the way who r the two ladies, i know it is not me, cos they are too slim and beautiful to be me... is it u and rani mam???

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Lakshmi,this is a gift from you to all ikolam friends......right?thankyou soooo much its very nice .happy womens day to you too...........

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Beautiful women indeed! I agree Pushpa, the saree/blouse color and also the accessories look very pretty. I too am wearing the same hairstyle today, but, my own jasmine flowers are yet to bloom here. Smile And, regarding the pretty big bindis, I've only worn bindis about 1/8th the size of these. Maybe I should try one of the big ones. :0

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superb lakshmi. thank u very much for this lovely kolam lakshmi hear the song i have put for all of you. it is in cafe. do hear the same

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He he lata i am sure u will look very cute in this attire, take a photo and send me okay with the big kondai, flowers, and big bindi Smile

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Wow its so neat and cute the colour combination of saree & blouse looks too good..........

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Laxmi uhhh.new profile pic ,oooooh no more strict teacher look .U and ur kol;am both l;ook very very cute and pretty .Did u use the stencil for these ladies or did the free hand drawing .They are mirro image of each others .Lovely laxmi .Even i feel like doing some free hand kolam but as i said earlier my hubby does not like it ,so i avoid .

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Thanks for the wishes. Here is my wish to all.

For all the women who traded their
Eyeliner for dark circles;
Salon haircuts for pony tails;
Long showers for quick showers;
Late nights for early mornings;
Designer handbags for diaper bags;
This is for those women who don't care about what they gave up, instead LOVE what they get in return.


Lakshmi what a wonerful wish from you. NO Words to expressssssssssssssssssssss.

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Very very beautiful.Your work is always admirable.I wish you and our i kolam friends ' Happy women's day'.

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wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, lakshmi, u r a creative brahma of ikolam

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thanks for your wishes., and wish u the same ; lakshmi really yur kolam very super... very good creativity...


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i think this is your master piece.
What a creation.......
Fentastic(I dontknow other wards).

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Thank u Lakshmi Thanh you for the wonderful treat. & wishes... Wish you the same.

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Both women holding garlands to welcome ikolam members? Great work, Lakshmi! Is it a solo or team work?

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Hi friends heart full of thanks for lovely comments..Push..heheh i am praying god to hit a lottery to you...waiting for the parcel (gold bangle)..hmm another lady is Lata because.she is already wearing same kondai..and bindhi..hehehe...Lata believe me when i was drawing bindi remembering you only hehehe..Rekha no stencil..it is dotted rangoli....Jayaji this is a solo drawing...thank you one and all once again.......

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all in this kolam are so beautiful.I can't separate which portion is good.Hats off to your patience and creativity.Thank you for your wishing and sharing.

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I like it, particularly the sari styles. The word happy too seems to be very happy!

Regards! - mOhana

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Awesome presentation from you Lakshmi.....I was expecting something extraordinary like this from you and here ..I always admire your creativity and the passion you have for this form of art....

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Thank you for such a pretty and colourful treat for Women's day. Lovely designing! Hope u had a lovely day!

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Beautiful ladies welcoming our ikolam friends with garlands in their hand:) The pink flowers, the yellow flowers, the blouse pattern and the green creepers, all are very artistically made, Lakshmi.

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hi friends heart full of thanks for your lovely comments...thank you one and all once again......

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Sad missed being part of this kolam as I could not make it Sad Laks this is wonderful - no words to say what I feel - beautiful block printing pink and yellow saree

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supperrrrrrbbbbbbbbb mam