1st day kolam of marghazhi


Dear Lata mam

1st day kolam of marghzahi. i could not cover the entire kolam since i took the phto from my cell phone. if it is okay pl publish

Rangoli: 1st day kolam of marghazhi


ammuchandhini's picture

Wow....such a huge col kolam...very beautifully made hema mam....

Vinci's picture

Beautiful kolam Hema. The yellow and blue combination looks nice. Couldn't get into detail due to the blurred image.

lakshmiraghu's picture

excellent creation.nice colours and design

dibbutn's picture

Wow such a beautiful peacock kolam and looks so grand and pretty... Colors used are excellent and detailing work too is very well done...Good one

Suguna Murugesan's picture

beautiful peacock kolam!-suguna murugesan

bsindhuja's picture

Very pretty, huge kolam with attractive colouring! Peacocks are cute.

julien's picture

beautiful Peacock rangolies... and outer borders, kutti baby Peacock is so sweet..

nithyaashok's picture

Fantastic peacock kolam. The outer peacocks are in different look and nice colouring

viji_j86's picture

Nice kolam dear.

rajamma_2's picture

Nice Mayi dancing kolam. Yellow/ blue color combination is super. The outer yellow Jilebi's are tasty. The cute outer peacocks carrying their big gowns are very pretty too.

judelined's picture

Lovely work Hema - you seem to be an expert at big kolams and with good symmetry too. Would have loved to see a clearer image to enjoy better. The design on the outside border looks two way - one angle looks like a peacock while the opposite angle looks like a the feather - well done

vijaysowmya's picture

Very huge peacock kolam and made so symmetrically with good coloring.

brindhanagesh's picture

Pretty kolam with only three colours, Hema. Peacocks are looking happy with their beautiful strokes.

chandy's picture

Very beautiful. How much time did it take?

jasree's picture

Wow!!!!!!! Such a big n beautiful kolam Hema..... Lovely peacocks.....

smahalakshmi's picture

Such a big and beautiful kolam.


jayamohan's picture

Is the central part a dotted kolam? Nice extensions and coloring!

Dr.Rekha Shetty's picture

Lovely kolam .congrats!

Padma Prakash's picture

Beautiful peacock kolam. very colourful kolam Hema.

jkmrao's picture

The heart begins to dance when the peacocks are dancing!

Regards! - mOhana