Special dedication kolam

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This freehand rangoli done with finger technique is being dedicated to all the lovely members of ikolam who have been so supportive all through with their positive comments and suggestions. This was made on the shoe rack where I place my urli with flowers. In fact if you look properly at the picture you will find the shadow of the urli falling on top of the kolam. I started this kolam with a paisley design and continued drawing aimlessly. The final result was quite pleasing to me and hence I am dedicating this to all of you my dear friends. Thanks for the affection now and always...

Rangoli: Special dedication kolam


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thanq jude for ur lovely treat!-suguna murugesan

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Hi Judy, superb finger art so neat and perfect, well done thanx for sharing

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Nice work judy mam. Thanks for your dedication.


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lovely jude as your love and affection.Thank you very much.

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Thank you Judy, for such a pretty and innovative dedication for all of us. We are indeed lucky to continously enjoy such novel, artistic designs and designing methods from you..... Smile Your mordern art in kolapodi has left me spell-bound!!

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looks like a happy cat broadly smiling with bold whiskers judy, hehemeow hehemeow

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Wow...what a novel presentation judy...it took me few mins to grasp what is d actual design u've drawn and then did d finger tip design...so lovely....

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Thanks a lot Suguna, Sudha (long time no see - hope you are fine dear), v2k, Maha (missing for a while?? ok na??), Suba, Sindhu, Uma (meowwww) and Rani for your sweet comments.

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Wow!!!!! wonderful creation,judy.

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Thanks Veni for your comments..

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wow....Fantastic and innovative idea ...A very pretty kolam done neatly and perfectly with finger tip.

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Lovely work Judy. The curvy structure forming a design looks too cute and bright against the black background.
Expecting your next innovation. Your dancing finger tip kolam grips the viewers.

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Superrrrrrr...........b. Thanks Judy Ma'am for your love and affection. I look forward to your continued valuable advice, guidance and suggestions for improvement in my kolams. To me the design looks like a bouquet with beautiful flowers.


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Wow Judy are u ever at loss for ideas, u r always innovative in whatever u do dear... this one looks fabulous

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wow excellent idea. thank u judy for sharing this and dedicating it to us.

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Lovely and innovative creation Judy.... I too thought it was a cat only, excellent art thanx for sharing.....and dedicating to us...

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Judy, first I thought it is a cat , then realised it is ur dancing finger prints. Sometimes on the spot kolams without any preparations give wondeful result,. this is one . You are good at imaginations and your fingers are trained in excecuting it artistically. So kind of you that it is dedicated to all ikolam friends.

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Judy for me it looks like owl's face hehe...lovely creation.....

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nice design Judy Mam

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Looks like a plant in a pot Smile

Regards! - mOhana

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Wow, this comes out very nice. Even the kolam looks like a urali and two mango leaves are arranged as we do for kalasam. Beautiful finger kolam.

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hi jude , ur imaginative creation is well appreciated.nice try .expecting more designs in this pattern of work.

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Thanks Sowmi, Vinci, Pragaya (so happy you are open to criticism - you will definitely grow with more of it - always there to support all of you with my views), Pushpa, Usha, Jayanthi, Rajam, Laks, Radhika, JKM, Nithya and Vasanthi for your sweet words. Just see how many dimensions this kolam has taken - cat / flower bouquet / owl (hehe) / plant in a pot / kalasam - great!!