Spring is here ... really!

Submitted by mani on Wed, 04/07/2010 - 13:01
Even though spring officially arrived couple of weeks ago, we have had mostly wintry like conditions. After a weekend of rainy storms, today happened to be the first full sunny day with temperature in the 60s. Looks like it is going to heat up some more in the next couple of days, before the rains return for the weekend :(

Spring Festivals

Spring festivals of India The yearly arrival of spring is greeted with much excitement all over the world. Some countries celebrate the birth of a New Year in the spring season. In India, New Year is celebrated in different states under various names. The Maharashtrians celebrate their new year called Gudi Padwa. In 2008, Gudi Padwa is on April 6th. The Sindhis celebrate new year as Cheti chand. The Konkanis celebrate the new year - Sanvsar Padvo. The festival of Ugadi, marks the New Year in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. For the year of 2008, Ugaadi is going to be celebrated on the April 7th. In Punjab, Baisakhi is celebrated as the new year, and it occurs on April 13th. The Bengalis welcome the new year Naba Barsha. In 2008, the date of Bengali New Year is April 14. Rongali Bihu, also known as Bohag Bihu, is the Hindu New Year in Assam. In 2008, Rongali Bihu is on April 14. The Tamilians celebrate the new year as Puthandu or Varsha Pirappu. In 2008, the date of Tamil New Year is April 13 Vishu is the astronomical or zodiac New Year in Kerala. In 2008, the date of Vishu is April 14.