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Rangoli: kolu
Created by r.priya on 2010-10-20,

the Navarathri Kolu is held dear for a lot of reasons. For one, festivities run for nine full days, lending the household a positive energy that is sure to stick on for weeks to come.

Rangoli: Golu 2010-Jayashree-Pic2
Created by jayash on 2010-10-20,

Made a setting of a village depicting a Dussera procession towards a temple which looks like Chamundi hills(Mysore)


Rangoli: golu 2010
Created by boons on 2010-10-20,

Durga Maa highlighted.There is display of dasavatharam,marriage set consisting of bride and bridegroom ,pandit and others.There is also a set where hanumanji carries sanjivani mountain to cure lakshman.
Here is the other entry:

Rangoli: navrathri golu contest
Created by rajamma_2 on 2010-10-20,

Lata, since you have included the main photo I have sent, I enclose one more of the same golu
now .
Here is the first entry:

Rangoli: Umaraja Golu
Created by umaraja on 2010-10-20,

its my 2nd image .its abt the various formalities of temples like vilaku puja,pongal, gurukulam, paari oorvalam,pradhosham,pambu putru,

Rangoli: Navarathri Golu emphasis on "Health is Wealth" - 2010
Created by apsinhere on 2010-10-20,

Hello Everyone,

I am excited to share my creations with you all as much as I did enjoy making them. We have all heard of the saying in Tamil "Noyatra vaazhve kuraivatra selvam" meaning "Health is Wealth". How many of us actually take time to follow this? Here's my Village scene from India showing an emphasis on good health. Prevention is better than cure. Follow the wellness industry. "Iyyarkaiyaga thayaarikkapatta Maatru Vitamin"

The Village scene and Zoo are handcrafted by me. I have tried to capture lot of details including Arasamarum Pillayar (Ganesh under peepal tree), cow shed, some shops selling fruits and vegetables, hawkers, women carrying water from the well, farmers following organic methods of farming without the use of insectides or pesticides, some dwelling units and a Ganesha temple on top of the hill. The hill in actual scale is about 18" tall and is made of papier mache. I have even showed the teppakulam, bullock cart and to add to the landscape lots of coconut trees and other trees. The coconut trees are also made by me.

All the materials used are eco friendly.

Aparna Raghunathan

Rangoli: Second pic
Created by Varthini on 2010-10-20,

This is the second pic..... hope u guys like it..... Smile

Rangoli: my kolu
Created by premaragu on 2010-10-19,

i wish u all to vist my kolu through this photo
all let the prasing god (rama)give u all the health and wealth especially the managing director of this ikolam

Rangoli: Golu Park Ireland 2010
Created by meenaranjani on 2010-10-19,

SundaraKandam - Ramayana
1. Jambhavan meeting with monkey team - "Who can cross the ocean? HANUMAN"
2. Hanuman crossing the ocean; Hanuman meeting the obstacles - Mainaga mountains, Surasa devi, Simhika
3. Hanuman meets Lankini
4. Ashoka vanam
5. Ravana's palace - Kumbakarna, Pushpaka vimanam, Music room, Three wives of Ravana, Soorpanagai, Ravana in his court with his ministers, Hanuman sitting on his extended tail chair
6. Hanuman tail on fire (Birth of Makardhwaj)
7. Hanuman having fun with friends in Maduvanam
8. Hanuman meets Rama - "Kanden Seethaiyai"
9. Rama pattaabishegam - Happily ever after

Rangoli: golu2010
Created by vidhya773 on 2010-10-19,

Uploading photo2 of the golu i kept at home in dubai.