Padi Kolam

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  • Red and white Padikolam
  • Ramanavami Kolam
Rangoli: Red and white Padikolam
Created by rajamma_2 on 2011-03-15,

We put padikolam on all auspecious days. Today is Kaaradayaan nonbu. It is celebrated at the time of Tamil months Maasi and Panguni meet. It is called Savithri nonbu, since on this day Sathi Savithri fought back her husband Sathyavaan's life from Yamadharma Raja.
So ladies keep vruth and tie a yellow thread in the neck and make sweet and kaara Adai for prasad. .
So it is a simple Padikolam drawn today before pooja with wet maavu and red( Arakku) color powder.

Rangoli: Ramanavami Kolam
Created by deepa ram on 2009-04-09,

Inspired by Rajamma aunty's "ezhai kolam", I tried a small version of it, with some modifications on the special day of Sri Rama navami.