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Rangoli: Dotted Margazhi Kolam
Created by chandy on 2016-12-30,

Rangoli 1 on 2 sides: Dotted Margazhi Kolam by chandy

Rangoli: Daily kolam
Created by ananthiraju on 2016-07-20,

Rangoli 2: Daily kolam by ananthiraju

Rangoli: Karthigai kolam
Created by rajamma_2 on 2013-11-28,

Wanted to put this as maakkolam , but no time to put and wait till it dries, so with white podi drew this and coloured it .Looking a little dull.

Rangoli: Simple maakolam
Created by ananthiraju on 2013-09-29,

One of my daily doorstep kolam.

Rangoli: Designer chikku kolam
Created by rajamma_2 on 2012-07-25,

This is a simple wet maavu chikku kolam with 9-5 inbetween dots and 2 dots on all the six sides.Since the weather is windy I could not put kolam outside.Being Aadi month I wanted to put maakkolam, so tried this .As usual started beautifying it with colour decorations, but the final product looked like a designer kolam and not a dotted-chikku kolam. Hope you will enjoy this.
(Since ikolam has become active with so many Aadi releases, I donot want to bore you all with my puzzles now... Let us wait/give rest to the brains for some days. Blum 3 )

Rangoli: daily melika kolam
Created by rekbin on 2012-04-30,

Hi Friends Smile See this kolam And tell me How is it ...! Smile