Butterfly Rangolis

Rangoli: Butterfly - Perler beads

Last year, I had made some butterflies using a Perler bead kit. I had also made a couple of dogs. Perler bead kits come with a plastic base, in many shapes, and colorful bead kits. There is a piece of special paper included in the kit. We arrange the beads on the plastic base, and the beads are fused into place by placing the piece of paper on top and ironing it for a few seconds. The shape is then left to cool, undisturbed, and is then ready to be displayed.

Rangoli: Butterfly+Flower

13 dots to 7 dots. This is my Deepavali kolam.

Rangoli: Rangoli colored with salt

This rangoli was made by a few participants of a rangoli competition, held in California a few years ago. It was held for a fund raising event, and actor Mr. Madhavan was the chief guest in it.
Please share your ideas/experiences of coloring rangolis with salt.

Rangoli: Butterflies

I guess all of you must be fed up with my lotus kolums so here I am giving you butterflies... Hope you all like it... the top two are 10 to 10 dots and the bottom two are 11 to 11 dots...

Rangoli: Butterflies from my book  ; )

simple ones - scanned and colored
Dots 12 X 12

Rangoli: Chalk kolam in Singapore!!!

color chalk kolam butterflies and flowers - 10 :10 dots

Rangoli: Painting

An ornamental duck, and a beautiful butterfly too. Can you see that? A different imagination.

Rangoli: Butterflies

It is drawn in my small courtyard this morning. It is a dotted kolam.
Dot count:

1 , 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 9, 7, 5, 3, 1

Rangoli: Butterfly leaf

There is a plant with leaves like butterflies. To learn more, go to
With such a butterfly leaf, some patterns were created. Enjoy!

Rangoli: Flowers

I have drawn this on paper. I caught this by handy cam, so it is not clear.