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Collection of news, magazine & TV spots where iKolam has been mentioned. Thanks for the members who took the time to send us the clippings and pointers. This is kind of interesting. The last three occasions, this has happened during Margazhi/Pongal times. While I am happy about the coverage which helps us spread farther, it is kind of sad that people in general seem to pay attention to rangoli/kolam during festival times. Only a dedicated few seem to carry on the tradition year around. Hope this changes!

iKolam rangolis in a commercial!?!

Somebody from Chennai actually tipped me about this and found the advertisement while skimming through the serial "kolangal" Smile

I recorded the ad portion and made a quick flash movie out of it for my own reference. Looks like they have used some of the designs from the rangoli pages as spinning images in the background. In some instances, they have changed the colors of the original the designs.

While I'm happy about this, it would have been even more gratifying if they had asked us before using the images. Sad

Thanks for letting us know about this ad.

While building this section, I dug this up from the archives of our older system! I kind of hesitated before adding this entry under the media section, but decided to add it anyway, to draw attention to the copy-paste culture which undermines the work of the authors.

Jaya TV : Kaalai Malar

The "Kaalai malar" program, which is a morning show on Jaya TV, apparently profiled I tried to contact Jaya TV to see if I can get a copy of the program but was not successful. in Kumudham - Snegidhi !!


  We are proud to announce that our site got featured in one of the most   popular tamil magazines : Kumudham - Snegidhi

  Our heartfelt thanks to Kumudham Snegidhi. We're very honored!!


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