ikolam.com in Kumudham - Snegidhi !!


  We are proud to announce that our site got featured in one of the most   popular tamil magazines : Kumudham - Snegidhi

  Our heartfelt thanks to Kumudham Snegidhi. We're very honored!!


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Congratuations !
hope to continue these high actvities

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On reading the Kumudam Snegidhi, I came to know about this website. I immediately registed myself and tried to see the Kolam. But, unfortunately, I am not able to enlarge the kolam and see it. Please help me out.

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Ofcourse I came to know about this website only through Snegidhi

thank u


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This website address was given in the snehidi kolam book.Immediately i registered,
but i do know how i have send my kolam ,pls explain.


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I'm glad to know about your interest in kolams...you could send the designs as jpeg or gif images. This is easy if you've a digital camera, otherwise you would've to scan if they're in a photo format. Please send it as an attachment along with your email to lata@ikolam.com.

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I am really grateful to i-kolams for re-awakening my interest in kolams. I find the site so interesting that I spend hours trying your wonderful designs. I wish to particularly congratulate the Diwali contest winners, the entries were of such an outstanding order. Congratulations, all of you running the website as well as the very talented participants.


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This website address was given in the snehidi kolam book. Congratulation and bring more useful things to be come out.

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I too came to know about this site through Kumudam Sneghidi and registered myself. Iam interested in kolam & Rangoli.Hope to learn more from ur site.

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Thats good news .....

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Good collection of kolam' I like it,