Diwali contest 2008 - Results

The full results can be found here.
Congratulations to the participants and winners of the contest!


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Latha I really appreciate you for conducting a competition like this. What a creations and imaginations Really all the kolams in the participations are very nice. I am happy that I too took part in this competiton. First congratulations to you for conducting a competition like this. Congratulations to the winners and congratulation to the participants.

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Congratulations to all the winners and participants.I also share the same views of Viji in congratulating Lata as well as ikolam team for comming out of their best.

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hi lara
i wouls like to send some more of my creations can i send my daily kolams. How do i send? Should i give captions for tht or simply the kolams?i wrote this mail as i did not know how to contact u ?

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Mrs.Janaki, I had emailed you earlier. Uploading kolams directly in the site using the "create content - rangoli" should work fine. I had just uploaded another of your creations. Please email me back, if you have any further questions. Thank you again, for sharing your creations with us. Smile

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Congrats to all the participants and the winners. This was grand!

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Thank you latha by creating interest and bringing out our tradional custom of putting rangolis to aii the people by keeping competitions like this.I was so glad to be one among them. you can keep competitions like this for all the festivals if possible.And congrats to all the winners.

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Congrats to all the participants and the winners.

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JAMBO to all participants and organisers of this comp from OBAMA country

I congratulate all the organisers esp Lata, and participants. I'm glad for Ikolam being there. In kenya doing rangolis has almost died very few houses do it. I've invited a few of my friends to view & join Ikolam

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Namaste and hello everybody,

We're so overwhelmed by the response we've had this year for this contest! It is all of you members and participants who have made this possible! Because all of you took the time and effort to share whatever you've created, we all got to feast our eyes on the many different kinds of Rangolis.

My part is not yet done though...one of the pending work is to update everyone's entries with their respective names, descriptions and any details that all of you had sent. After that work is done, I'm sure everyone will appreciate the hard work and effort that all of you had put in, in creating such amazing pieces of work!

Mr.Sandeep, Kenya is in good hands because it has highly talented people like you! It is nice of you to spread the word about ikolam to your friends...

Thank you for all the learning moments you all had given us over the past week, we enjoyed it thoroughly!

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Congrats to all the participants and the winners. and organisers

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Hats off to the organisers, congrats to the winners and participants.
I am a senior citizen and I love putting kolam everyday in front of my house. Have so many own designs and want to share with you all.how to go about it, please guide me.
Special thanks to Lata madam, and also Lakshmiguru madam who encouraged everybody with her comments.

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Congratulation to all the winners and good show by all participants. Lata- Good work it is vey nive to see the spirit of the festival being kept up inspite of certain hardships faced by many. It shows the right values instilled in us by our culture and customs.Bravo to all of us for keeping up the tradition.

Lata and team keep up the good job. R u doing anything for Karthikai Festival???

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Priya, thanks for your sweet comments.
Rajamma mam', it is nice to know that we've had senior citizens like you participating too...nothing beats getting encouragement from ladies like you who are veterans in the art of kolam! You are welcome to share your collections of kolams in this site. To begin with , you could just send me the designs the way you sent in your contest-rangolis. Your rangolis were so beautiful! I'd be happy to post all of your collections in the gallery under your name. Please be prepared to answer to peoples' comments and questions...because as you could see...there are many active members who are all busy bees...and they are all daily visitors to ikolam.

Hi Radha, thank you for participating! Your designs are going to get "settled down" in the Gallery (as soon as I organize it a bit, because I'd be adding atleast 70 more names to it). You are right about the hardships, values and customs. I guess these are the kind of things that keep me, you and everyone else going! Smile
I haven't thought about Karthikai yet, because I still have to re-organize the site, catagorize it for all of us...but if I do plan on something, I'll definetely get in touch with you Smile

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Thank you latha by creating interest and bringing out our tradional custom of putting rangolis.Congrats to all the participants and the winners. and organisers

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congratulations to all the winners.i wonder to see so many rangolies for the contest.all are excellent.i thank mrs.lata for the oppurtunity given to all of us.she has taken lot of pains to conduct this contest.congratulations mrs.lata.thank u very much for all the voters for selecting the best rangolies.

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lata aunty thank u so much for this golden oppurtinity.congrats!!!!!! to all the winners and other participants. i am so happily jumping as i got 4th place aunty.i thank all the people who encouraged me by putting comments and votes,in future to pls put up more competions too.i made my freinds also to join in this site.we all r waiting for the follwing competions we have started to prepare now itself.thank u once again aunty.

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congratulations to all the participants &Mrs lata ,ikolam team to make this competition a very big success.I am very happy to be a part of this ikolam family .Thank you Lata for bringing out such wonderful talent from all&encouraging them by conducting such competitons .thank you once again

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Congrats all the winners. They really deserve it. Lata mam you have done a wonderful job in conducting a contest like this. It is really an encouragement for people like me who are interested in kolam.

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congrats winners

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Hi Lata, my daughters are interested in participating in a rangoli contest the next time ikolam conducts one. What is the actual age criteria for participating?

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lata the more comments is not visiable,how to go and see more coments???

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My belated congradulations to all winners. This time I was missed the opportunity. Next time I'll participate the contest.

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congratulation to the participants & winners

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Hi Lata madam i am a new member..i would like to know new and creative rangolis..i think your doing excelent job...iam thrilled seeing all kolams in your site.iam so happy!!!!!

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Hi Lata madam i am a new member..i would like to know new and creative rangolis..i think your doing excelent job...iam thrilled seeing all kolams in your site.iam so happy

by vanitha

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congratulation to everyone who participated

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congrats to all.

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congrats to all

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hi latha garu congrats. I am a new member and i have seen ur kolam but i am expecting some more from u....

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hi, ikolam seniors i am a new member . is there any age limits for this participation? please guide me how to participate in it? when will be this competition conducted?

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Hi, ikolam seniors i am a new member iwish to participate in these competions will you please guide me?

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Hello latha mam...iam proud to b a member in this site...and i refer kolams and rangolis for every occassion..i am interested in participating competions...could you please help me out.
Thanks and Regards Lavanya Vinodh

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Lavanya and Marees, we'll announce contests/competitions in our site, and also via newsletters. We don't have a kolam or a rangoli competition coming up soon. But, we do have plans to conduct a Golu and a Marapaachi doll decor contest next month. So, stay tuned and plan to participate. (There is no age limit to participate).
And, please just address me as Lata. Smile

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I am a new member for this website can you please guide me that have uploded my rangoli photograph but how can I see because I didnt found it in gallery also....

So please guide me as soon as possible!!!!

Jinal .....

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Hi Vadgam, your rangoli was uploaded a few days back, and it also received many comments. Check it out here:

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இந்த கோலம் மிகவும் அழகாக இருக்கிறது.

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டியர் மேடம் ,

உங்கள் கோலம் வெரி சூப்பர்.