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Email & Server issues

The iKolam server has been bogged down due to following problems: Multiple avatar problem & email issues related to spam.

Multiple Avatar Problem:
Some of the active members have many user ids (8 - 10) which they use to interact with others the site. This adds unnecessary burden on the server and of late, the server performance has degraded so badly because of it. We are adding more safeguards in place to prevent this problem. Your userid might be frozen/blocked when the server detects this issue.

Please hold...

If your uploaded rangoli/rangolis have not yet been published in the site, please do not upload any more during the next few days. We have some backlog we would like to clear, and it may take a few days. This does not affect ikolam blogs. We will keep you updated. Thank you Smile

File format of images

Just a quick reminder: I see that some of our members have uploaded image files that are not of either gif or jpg format. Please remember that although we do know how to extract images from most of the other formats like Powerpoint or pdf, we don't work with those files because it is a round about way of working with images, and happens to be time consuming.