republic day

Rangoli: Republic Day (Floor version)
Created by GOMATHI_KRISHNA on 2013-01-26,

Friends, I tried this Our National Flag and Happy Republic Day letters with chikku kolam. Ur views pls...

Rangoli: Happy Republic Day :)
Created by drshireesha on 2013-01-26,

Hi Friends, i did this freehand design to celebrate our Republic day..just wanted to share with u all..:)

Rangoli: Republic Day Rangoli
Created by vijaysowmya on 2013-01-26,

Happy Republic Day to all. Sharing my republic day kolam for your views. Smile

Rangoli: happy republic day!
Created by Suguna Murugesan on 2013-01-25,

hi friends....this is a dotted kolam for republic day :)....hope you all like this Smile

Rangoli: Republic day spl kolam
Created by ammuchandhini on 2013-01-25,

Hello friends....happy republic day...hope you like this dotted line kolam done with tri colours...eagerly waiting for your views Smile

Rangoli: May the Republic of India prosper!
Created by jkmrao on 2013-01-25,

This is a chikku kOlam of the Indian flag. The flag part has 9 rows and 13 columns of dots. Such an arrangement will always give a single line chikku kOlam. But I have scooped out the central portion of nine dots to accommodate the wheel. This will result in two lines. I have given extensions so that the flag is tied to the pole. This does not alter the number of lines. Normally it is customary to show each line in a separate color. Instead I chose to retain the flag colors. The mast has 20 vertical dots. The whole pattern has in-and-out lines. Enjoy the republic day with a chikku kOlam of the Indian flag.

Regards! - mOhana

Rangoli: Republic day
Created by Visitor on 2013-01-02,

repiblic day rangoli , handsfree, with rice powder n coconut ash.

Rangoli: republic day kolam
Created by umaraja on 2012-01-25,

hai frnz,, wish u all a happy republic day,, jaihind

Rangoli: Republic day kolam
Created by subashini on 2012-01-24,

Here is my Republic day kolam , which I want to share with you.It seems to small one , it dot count is 31 to 16,interlaced.Hope you like.

Rangoli: For Republic day (dot matrix)
Created by saradhavijaya on 2011-02-02,

kindly put one dot at the bottom most line of the star.i did not get in the photo.