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Created by julien on 2011-08-14,

HAI friends.
i drawn this small dotted kolam on varalakshmi viratham.... i am waiting for your comments...
dot count..

Rangoli: Varalakshmi vratham kolam
Created by vijaysowmya on 2011-08-14,

Hi friends...This ia a very small and simple padikolam done by me for the last friday of aadi as well as Varalakshmi Vratham in my pooja room...Awaiting your views on this kolam....

Rangoli: padi kolam
Created by saka on 2011-08-14,

this is my first maa kolam.i did this for varalakshmi pooja on thursday night.when it was wet i was a little happy only,because of the light pink flooring colour.on friday morning when i opened the door the maa kolam after it got dried,looked very nice (for me).is it ok, any
comments or suggestions to improve --please.

Rangoli: varalakshmi pooja maa kolam
Created by BharathiKRaman on 2011-08-14,

This kolam was put for varalakshmi pooja. Let us know how it is.

Rangoli: padikolam
Created by saka on 2011-08-14,

this kolam was done on friday for varalakshmi pooja.i could upload only now after 2 days.ur comments pls.

Rangoli: varalakshmi viratham
Created by Suguna Murugesan on 2011-08-12,

this is varalakshmi viratham evening kolam. i tried do like deepa's kolam. hope u all like this.

Rangoli: Varalakshmi Vratham - Padi Kolam
Created by veena manigandan on 2011-08-12,

Hi All,

Its been long time - uploading and commenting on this forum. I was busy with work and personal commitments. But I check this site atleast 4 days a week. And see all your wonderful submissions. But could not comment as I browse from office and do not have the leverage to browse for a long time. I would like to take this opportunity to wish all the members who have uploaded their beautiful kolams. I dont think we can browse through these many different kolams anywhere on a daily basis. I am now attaching my Varalakshmi pooja kolam done in front of the Amman Mandap.

Rangoli: Varamahalakshmi Pooja 2011
Created by anup on 2011-08-12,

This rangoli was made by simple circle and using ear bud..... Smile

Created by vasanthi on 2011-08-12,

Hi Friends! Wanted to share my simple kolam drawn today as Varalakshmi special kolam. Your views please.

Rangoli: varalakshmi viratham
Created by Suguna Murugesan on 2011-08-12,

hai i'm submitting small kolam for varalakshmi viratham. hope u all like this.