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  • saraswathi pooja
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Rangoli: Saraswathi pooja KOLAM
Created by sasikala narayanan on 2018-10-17,

This is a freehand kolam for Saraswathi pooja.

Rangoli: Saraswati, Ganesha & Laxmi/Dhurgha
Created by Sandeep on 2017-10-26,

Wishing all Rangoli Lovers happy festivities

Rangoli Freehand Rangoli: Saraswati, Ganesha & Laxmi/Dhurgha by Sandeep

Rangoli: Saraswathi pooja kolam...
Created by sailusateesh123@gmail.com on 2015-09-06,

Rangoli Dotted Kolam (connected dots): Saraswathi pooja kolam... by sailusateesh123@gmail.com

Rangoli: lotus kolam
Created by saisrithamarai on 2011-10-16,

this kolam is done for saraswathi pooja.this is a free hand rangoli.

Rangoli: saraswathi pooja
Created by cpdeepa on 2011-10-14,

This is the kolam I have created on saraswathi pooja in front of my house. I have made it up with available colours.

Rangoli: sarasvathi pooja
Created by completelawyer on 2011-10-13,

this is a kolam of goddess sarasvathi made entirely of grains,navadhanyam-nine types of grains.this kolam was made at 'Temple of Fine Arts,at Malaysia-Kuala Lumpur-a dance academy where Indians and other races send their kids learn traditional Indian arts such as sangeetham,bharatham,kuchipodi,kathakali,kathak and learning of indian musical instruments aka veena,flute,sittar...since the place got to do with arts and learning,they(members of the academy) created this kolam to invoke and pay respect towards her during navarathri on sarasvathi pooja.enjoy viewing.a real blessings for the eyes.

Created by julien on 2011-10-06,

Hai friends
This kolam was drawn on 6th october 2011, Vijayathasami.... i share with ikolam viewers...
dot count : 13-7

Rangoli: Poojai Maa kolam
Created by alameluranganath on 2011-10-06,

This is the kolam I put in front of Pooja room for keeping the books of kids. Hope you all will like the same.

Created by ammuchandhini on 2011-10-06,

Hai to all...Happy Saraswathy Puja to all of u...hope u like my freehand kolam done on this auspicious day....this is inspired from Vasanthidir mam's creations...

Rangoli: saraswathi puja
Created by umaraja on 2011-10-06,

hai frnz, this kolam was done on saraswathi puja in front of d golu, ur comments pls