Rangoli: Happy Birthday iKOLAM
Created by RaghaRadha on 2016-10-12,

Rangoli 1-11-1 straight line dots.: Happy Birthday iKOLAM by RaghaRadha

Rangoli: Pookolam
Created by RASI on 2015-07-16,

Rangoli Pookalam (Pookolam): Pookolam by RASI

Created by RaghaRadha on 2015-05-08,

Rangoli 1-11-1 STRAIGHT LINE DOTS: Mother Heart by RaghaRadha

Rangoli: valentine rangoli
Created by Bairavikumaran on 2015-02-14,

Rangoli Freehand Rangoli: valentine rangoli by Bairavikumaran

Rangoli: Happy valentine's day
Created by lakshmiraghu on 2015-02-13,

Happy valentine's day friends.Rangoli flowers: Happy valentine's day by lakshmiraghu

Rangoli: colourful heart
Created by GUNAVATHI SRIDHARAN on 2015-02-09,

Rangoli Freehand Rangoli: colourful heart by GUNAVATHI SRIDHARAN

Rangoli:  Happy valentine's Day
Created by lakshmiraghu on 2013-02-13,

Hi friends ..Happy valentine's Day to all.....This is a dotted rangoli ...dots...15x1 interlaced...your views please...

Rangoli: Heart with Arrow
Created by Kathiresan Krishnan on 2013-02-13,

Simple heart with basic strokes!

Created by Bhavani Mayilvahanan on 2013-02-13,

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY FOR KOLAM LOVERS.........This is the familiar kolam with the dot count 15-8 (intelace) ,slightly changed for valentines day...

Rangoli: Model of Heart
Created by Jayashubha on 2011-04-05,

Here is a model of a human heart. My daughter did this for her school science project.
Dr.Rekha Madam please see if it is proper.