Rangoli: Margazhi kolam-21
Created by vijaysowmya on 2011-02-01,

This one is another margazhi kolam done by me using colours....dot count 11-1...your comments please.

Rangoli: Dotted kolam
Created by Jayashubha on 2011-01-31,

This is dotted a kolam from 11 to 1 straight dots.

Rangoli: Margazhi kolam-19
Created by vijaysowmya on 2011-01-28,

This is one of my margazhi kolams which was done very fastly...dot count 11-9-5-1..Hope you all like it...

Rangoli: marghazi dew drops kolam contest-complete kolam
Created by Anisha Raghunath on 2011-01-19,

this is the complete chikku kolam drawn by me of 11-1 dots.....

Rangoli: Margazhi kolam-12
Created by vijaysowmya on 2010-12-29,

This is another chikku kolam done by me.....dot count 11-1....your views please..

Rangoli: Margazhi kolam-4
Created by vijaysowmya on 2010-12-21,

This one another chikku kolam for margazhi...dot count 11-1...your views pls..

Rangoli: Kolam
Created by aarushik on 2010-12-20,

A simple dotted kolam drawn in pencil.

Rangoli: Daily-Kolam-9
Created by Padma Prakash on 2010-12-15,

Another Daily kolam for you all. The dot count is 11-1. Hope u like it.

Rangoli: Inspired Sikku Kolam
Created by indira sundar on 2010-12-14,

Dear Friends,
This sikku kolam was the inspiration of Lata's animated sikku kolam...Dot count 11 to 1 straight dots

Rangoli: chikku kolam
Created by vijaysowmya on 2010-12-12,

Another chikku kolam done by me ...dot count 11-1 ...your views pls