Rangoli: Ram Navami rangoli - Geetha updesh
Created by Amirtha Thanam on 2013-04-10,

This kolam depicts Krishna giving Geeta Upadhesam to Arjuna. It took 16 hours to complete will upload the full picture soon ...

Rangoli: krishna
Created by Visitor on 2013-03-23,

It is a bit difficult rangoli for beginners. It took around 6 hours to complete.

Rangoli: Krishna with flute
Created by Jayashree Patel on 2012-08-23,
This rangoli was published on 2012-08-23.
Rangoli: Meera-Krishna
Created by subhasri gopu on 2011-10-27,

My kolam is about meera dreaming about lord he come & sit on her chitar.

Rangoli: Dancing Krishna - Navaratri 2011
Created by Saranya Vijay on 2011-10-18,

Dear all,

This year we have displayed several Themes apart from the Traditional Step Golu & the Golu is spread over 2 spacious rooms in 2 floors at our residence.


Lord Krishna learnt 64 Arts from Sandeepani Muni & we have displayed the 64 Art forms ( which was prevalent during those days) with lots of hand decorated / made dolls & articles prepared at home.

We have displayed the 16 Selvamgal -"PATHINARUM PETRU PERU VAZHVU VAZHGA" with customized dolls & the meaning of each SELVAM is depicted in our Golu.

Sangam Landscape/Geography was categorized as Kurinji,Mullai,Marutham,Neythal,Palai & we have shown the Landscape,God worshipped during those days,People/their Occupation & the animals in those regions.

We printed Huge Banners for - Meenakshi Amman Temple Background to display 3 Devigal ( we made Sulam,Veenai at home & decorated the dolls,one was purchased & 2 dolls were homemade) & 1000 Khal Mandapam backdrop for Pillayar,Murugan,Sakarathazvar sannadhi .We converted a 1 feet doll( lady face –Plaster of Paris doll) into a Kovil Gurukkal ( the doll was kept on top of a empty Gas Cylinder & hands were stitched & attached mustache/beard to give it a masculine appearance!).
We also have depicted Mahabalipuram /Farm House & Chettiar Super Market where he sells Vegetables,Fruits & runs a Juice Shop,Sweet Shop & Home Appliances shop with the help of his wife in the Kids Corner & Dancing Krishna Kolam.

We decided the Themes in the Mid of April 2011 & we started collecting dolls,materials for making dolls depending on our requirement & printed Banners,after searching a lot in the web-for our main Themes & ceiling/wall decoration was done with colorful Thoranams,Thombai to create a Divine atmosphere in the Golu Room.The entire Golu spanning across 2 big rooms/floors was arranged with the help of my Husband-who shared the Idea for all the Themes in our Golu,he helped me completely in arranging the dolls,making the dolls,preparing materials/name boards etc etc.

My Mother in Law,Mom, 80 year old Grandmother helped me in arranging the Golu,Dancing Krishna Kolam,Kasu Malai/doll decoration respectively.
Special Thanks to my 3 ½ year old Daughter Srushtika without her co-operation, this would have not been possible.
Thanks to IKolam for giving us this opportunity.Have attached few photos & couldn't accomodate all Photos of our Themes in our Golu.

Saranya Vijay Rajan

Rangoli: Happy Krishna Janmastami
Created by anirudh on 2011-08-22,

Wishing all the iKolam friends a very Happy Krishna Janmastami. Praying the Lord to bestow his love, affection and blessings to all.

Rangoli: HOli Rangoli - Dublin 2011
Created by meenaranjani on 2011-03-20,


Here i am presenting the Krishna with Flute (centre piece) in ceramic plate for Underwater raas leela rangoli ,Festival of Colors in South Dublin, 2011.


Rangoli: Holi Rangoli - Dublin 2011
Created by meenaranjani on 2011-03-20,


Here i am presenting the KrishnaGopi in ceramic plate for Underwater raas leela rangoli ,Festival of Colors in South Dublin, 2011.


Rangoli: glass painting
Created by aditya on 2011-03-20,

This is my first glass painting. Hope you like it.

Rangoli: Diwali Rangoli
Created by ambalia_ak007 on 2011-01-09,

This Rangoli is created on Diwali in my home at 2010.