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  • red flowers
Created by lakshmiraghu on 2014-02-03,

Vasant Panchami festival falls on Panchami or 5th day of the Sukhla Paksh (Waxing moon) towards the close of winter in the month of Jan-Feb and marks the first day of spring or vasant ruthu (season) All get up in the early morning, take bath and worship the sun, Mother Ganga and the earth. all wear yellow clothes on this day. The yellow colour is a sign of auspiciousness and spirituality. It represents the ripening of the spring crops. some people call this festival Saraswathi Puja. They worship the Goddess Saraswathi on this day. this is free hand design....your views please.

Rangoli: red flowers
Created by ankubala on 2012-01-11,

This one is copied from one of our members design . :bigsmile: :bigsmile: