free hand design

Rangoli: Free Hand Design-Beginner
Created by vijaysowmya on 2013-03-11,

Another small kolam in my pooja room for your views. Smile

Rangoli: Free Hand Design
Created by vijaysowmya on 2013-03-11,

A kolam done in my lobby with white and kavi powder. Hope you all like this one. Your views please. Smile

Rangoli: MahaShivarathri Special Rangoli
Created by vijaysowmya on 2013-03-09,

MahaShivarathri is celebrated on the 13th or 14th day of Maagha, Phalgun or Maasi Krishna Paksh every year. Here is my creation for this year's Shivarathri!!! Happy worshipping!!! Enjoy!!! Smile

Rangoli: Happy International Women's Day
Created by vijaysowmya on 2013-03-07,

Dear friends...Happy International Women's day to you all. A very simple greetings from me for this occasion. Hope you all like it... Smile

Rangoli: Lets get growing -iKolam Garden
Created by vijaysowmya on 2013-03-06,

Another submission for ikolam garden ....fulll of flower buds... Smile

Rangoli: Icecream rangoli
Created by vijaysowmya on 2013-03-05,

Dear friends...Here is a small ice cream rangoli for today's theme. :bigsmile: Enjoy!!!!

Rangoli: Happy Doll festival- Hinamatsuri
Created by vijaysowmya on 2013-03-03,

Happy Hina matsuri friends...Here is a small doll to celebrate the festival in kolam style Blum 3 Smile

Rangoli: Free Hand Design
Created by vijaysowmya on 2013-01-21,

Dear friends....Here is a free hand white kolam for your views...after a very short break..:)

Rangoli: National Birds day
Created by vijaysowmya on 2013-01-05,

Dear friends...Here is my submission for the National Birds day. After a lot of interruptions finally I completed this today itself. But didn't come out as expected. Sad Your views on this please. Smile

Rangoli: Margazhi Kolam-10
Created by vijaysowmya on 2013-01-04,

Dear is another kolam for this margazhi season. Your views on this please. Smile