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Created by Hemma Rajendran. on 2019-09-14,
This is a freehand rangoli.
Rangoli: scenery rangoli
Created by Amirtha Thanam on 2015-03-30,

Rangoli babies: scenary by Amirtha Thanam

Rangoli: My Family Photo-2
Created by ammuchandhini on 2011-06-16,

Hai friends...seeing d very fine sand that too in two cols...white and red col sand..i was worried how to collect them...haha...a plastic cover flew from somewhere and though i couldn't catch it...u shd've seen my hubby running behind d plastic bag...atlast i could collect some sand...and my daughter told me even if u don't upload...i will upload this photo in ikolam and see how all r going to make fun of u...d second image is my daughter with her friend whose sister's marriage we attended in uduppi....