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  • Deer Rangoli
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  • Deer Kolam
  • Elephant kolam
Rangoli: deer kolam
Created by saka on 2014-03-16,

this deer kolam--dots--15-8 inter dots done by my daughter.she took 30 mins to do this--first this type of kolam,after chikku kolams,nowadays she is trying these types of kolams--kanaka

Rangoli: Girl With Deer
Created by artyanitha on 2014-01-16,

My Pongal Rangoli

Rangoli: Gopura Rangoli
Created by sree rathna lakshmi on 2014-01-07,

By Dr.Sree Rathna Lakshmi

Rangoli: Elephant kolam
Created by bama2k on 2013-10-23,

An elephant kolam.

Rangoli: republic day rangoli 2013
Created by Visitor on 2013-02-03,

hi to all it is a free hand rangoli which is drawn with ricehusk and i took 2 1/2 hours to complete this rangoli

Rangoli: Guess the dot count
Created by sridevi72 on 2013-01-29,

This is a better version of previously posted kolam.
Please suggest the dot count if anyone gets it.
It is not mine, I got it from some blog.

Rangoli: Deer Rangoli
Created by sudham on 2013-01-24,

Put this kolam During margazhi season

Rangoli: Pet Kolam
Created by karpagam.M on 2013-01-18,

Hai This is Pet Puppy Kolam Please share ur views

Rangoli: Deer Kolam
Created by karpagam.M on 2013-01-17,

Hai Friends This is one of my Margazhi Kolam Please Share ur Views

Rangoli: Elephant kolam
Created by banuroopa on 2012-01-10,
This rangoli was published on 2012-01-10.