Rangoli: Happy Holi - Holi carpet rangoli
Created by revathiilango on 2015-03-22,

Rangoli 13 dots: Happy Holi. Holi carpet. by revathiilango

Rangoli: sikkukolam 12
Created by BharathiKRaman on 2011-03-21,

This kolam is drawn with 13 dots 5 rows,7dots 1row, 5dots 3 rows.

Rangoli: Dotted Rangoli
Created by chandy on 2010-08-31,

13 (3) to 3 straight dots. Didn't turn out as good as it appeared on paper. But still submitting it for your comments.

Rangoli: geometric
Created by bhaskari on 2010-05-26,

this is a dotted kolam of pattern: 13(3 lines) till 3 , parallel dots.

Rangoli: Ugadi Rangoli
Created by indulatha on 2010-04-06,

Ugadi Rangoli sent earlier not posted in my gallary. Sending once again. Please add it to my gallary now.

(ரொம்ப நன்றி .நடுவில் மட்டும் புள்ளிகள் .13-3-3)

Rangoli: poo kolam
Created by sarusriraj on 2010-03-19,

dot count 13 pulli 3 varisai straight dots upto three drawn in paper

Rangoli: Pongal kolam
Created by deepabibin on 2010-02-08,

This pulli kolam. Details of kolam - 13 pulli 3 rows ends with 3 pulli

Rangoli: Chikku Kolam
Created by Lata on 2009-09-03,

A dotted Chiku kolam. Dots: 13 to 3.

Rangoli: birds
Created by Visitor on 2005-10-11,
This rangoli was published on 2005-10-11.