Rangoli: 2016NAVRATRI SPL.-DAY-11
Created by RaghaRadha on 2016-10-10,

Rangoli 12x12: 2016NAVRATRI SPL.-DAY-11 by RaghaRadha

Rangoli: Navratri day 3....
Created by on 2016-10-02,

Rangoli Dotted Kolam (connected dots): Navratri day 3.... by

Rangoli: Penguin
Created by Amirtha Thanam on 2016-09-27,

Rangoli a freehand rangoli: Penguin by Amirtha Thanam

Created by RaghaRadha on 2016-08-28,

Rangoli 1-9-1 straight line dots.: THE CHIKS IN THE CHIKKU by RaghaRadha

Created by RaghaRadha on 2016-08-09,

Rangoli 1-11-1 straight line dots.: PARROTS WITH PLUMS by RaghaRadha

Rangoli: birds kolam
Created by ktpsavitha on 2016-07-06,

a very simple birds kolam for apartment homesRangoli 4-4 Dots: birds kolam by ktpsavitha

Rangoli: colourful birds
Created by ktpsavitha on 2016-07-01,

Rangoli 1 minute rangoli: colourful birds by ktpsavitha

Created by RaghaRadha on 2016-05-22,

Rangoli 1-9-1 S.DOTS: CHIKKU PARROTS by RaghaRadha

Rangoli: Swans
Created by smilyvani83 on 2016-05-02,

Rangoli Dotted Kolam (connected dots): Swans by smilyvani83

Rangoli: birds
Created by Amirtha Thanam on 2016-03-06,

Rangoli a simple colour ragoli: birds by Amirtha Thanam