Lord Venkateshwara

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Created by Durgadeviramesh on 2020-09-22,

I draw Lord Balaji in Pruttasi Special Art in Kolam friends.

Rangoli: Lord venkateshwara kolam
Created by Radhikha 3 on 2011-12-07,

Hai to all I am uploading the kolam of Lord venkateshwara which I did in kitchen top of my cousins new home when I went there for their house warming ceremony on monday which gave me lots of appreciations and hope you all like this .. I have used match stick and finger techniques in ornaments.

Rangoli: Lord Venkateshwara Rangoli
Created by anuradhasakkaji on 2009-03-16,

This is lord venkateshwara in rangoli. I did this during last year's navarathri. Is this nice???