Rangoli: Stencil rangoli
Created by devilakki on 2011-09-18,

this rangoli is drawn for chadhurthi ... all are stencils ...

Rangoli: tomato-onion special dish
Created by Dr.Rekha Shetty on 2011-09-16,

Tomato-onion kolam salad

One medium sized tomato
One medium sized onion
Cut the onion and tomato in thin round round circles and try to remove each circle .Arrange it in plate .Although I have used idli vessel u can use any plate as per ur taste…. And serve immediately before anybody hit u with big iron stick friends ……jerry bango .....

Please let me know how u liked it

Rangoli: Crochet doily pattern
Created by srichak on 2011-09-16,

Just I want to share one more crochet pattern with all of you. I love to to do this patterns whenever I am free.

Rangoli: exam relief
Created by umaraja on 2011-09-16,

hai frnz,, we all have d habit of scribbling(drawing) behind our question sheet after d exam,, when i happened to watch one of papus quarterly q paper i found this sketch,, hw is it frnz???

Rangoli: Pineapples and webs
Created by Nalini Venkatesh on 2011-09-13,

I just love crocheting...I do it as a hobby, I just keep doing one after the other

Rangoli: My akka mung rangoli
Created by Dr.Rekha Shetty on 2011-09-13,

Dear friends I know this is very very silly but frankly speaking I am very much attracted by the oov kolam of our dear sowmya .yesterday I was about to soak the tuvar dal instantly I got one jatka I pulled one old table of mine which can’t stand straight in his leg always dancing …..on that dancing I tried this .(very difficult to control the legumes on the dancing table they started running here and there .Sowmya sorry for not taking your approval .please give me a feed back

Rangoli: Varalakshmi pooja in my house
Created by vyjayanthi on 2011-09-13,

Varalakshmi pooja at my place. My mother-in-law had decorated, my mother-in -law is very artistic and does very neat work.

Created by julien on 2011-09-11,

Hai Dear friend Sowmi...
My heartly wishes to U and your family... Friends wish u All Happy Onam Too...

Rangoli: Decoration
Created by sreegiri on 2011-09-11,

This is the small arrangements of plastic flowers on the onam day.

Rangoli: Crochet doily pattern
Created by srichak on 2011-09-09,

This Crochet doily was made me long back. Just I want to share this one with all of you. Hope u all like this too. Some more big patterns are in India with my parents. So that I am not able to upload those images.