Rangoli: freehand kolam
Created by harinisudarsan on 2011-09-27,

Hi All, this is a design done by me recently...your views plz

Rangoli: Beads Rangoli
Created by Karpagam Swaminathan on 2011-09-26,

Just like that designed the rangoli with my colourfull beads...This was also done during last navrathri 2010

Rangoli: Ear ring
Created by svvj on 2011-09-26,

This one made by my daughter in her craft class.

Rangoli: Ear ring
Created by svvj on 2011-09-26,

I made this using paper quiling method.I got this idea from our member.Thank you mam.

Rangoli: Ambal Jewels - For kalasam decoration - Golu 2011
Created by rajaarthy on 2011-09-26,

Hi Friends,

I made these jewels to decorate my kalasam as ambal for this golu. I ll upload the photo of ambal once all done.

Thanks Arthy

Rangoli: Sticker Kolam
Created by veena manigandan on 2011-09-26,

This is the sticker kolam i have stuck in front of my golu this year. No chance of doing an podi kolam as my son is very naughty and likes to discard every kolam that i make.
Just thought of uploading this as i liked this design. This looks like a SB rangoli - this is my dedication to the all the kolam specialist from ikolam, just for you to enjoy and try if you like this.

Rangoli: Mehendi
Created by Anisha Raghunath on 2011-09-22,

this mehendi was done by me on my sister's hand for the first time....!!!!

Rangoli: Tiny Rangoli 16
Created by indira sundar on 2011-09-22,

Dear Friends,
this simple rangoli was drawn on my teapoy, which looks like my previous wooden floor..

Rangoli: Basic-Inspirations-5
Created by julien on 2011-09-22,

this rangolis was drawn on paper by my mother in law... friends i share with u ...

Rangoli: Mehndi design
Created by indira sundar on 2011-09-22,

Dear Friends,
While my son was doing his HW i dis this....