Created by Hemma Rajendran. on 2019-08-18,
This is a freehand rangoli.
Created by karpagam.M on 2019-01-06,

Margazhi kolam

Created by JANANI RAGHAVAN on 2018-07-26,

VaLLi's Flower basket.... VaLLi is a Hindu goddess and the consort of the god Kartikeya....She grew up as the princess of the mountain tribe....She would collect forest flowers and worship the Lord....

Rangoli: Kitten in baskets Kolam
Created by revathiilango on 2015-03-10,

Rangoli 15 pulli 3 varisai Stop in 3 (Ner Pulli): Kitten in baskets. Kolam. by revathiilango

Rangoli: flower basket
Created by lakshmiraghu on 2013-03-01,

Hi friends this flower basket was drawn in front of thulasi beindhavana....your views please....

Created by karpagam.M on 2013-01-31,

Hai Friends Margazhi Special Kolam Vegitables Pls Share ur views

Rangoli: Metal basket painting-2(outside)
Created by Dr.Rekha Shetty on 2011-04-25,

cose-up photo of one of the side of outside basket for better view

Rangoli: Ouside  of basket painting -1
Created by Dr.Rekha Shetty on 2011-04-12,

As requested by mahalaxmi ,i am uploading the basket picture(for photo purpose have kept the basket upside down).Inside i have done the world cup .All these paintings (6 baskets) r done at night as a emergency (told to do the decoration only for my daughters batch and that too on the last moment. I know I have not justified

Rangoli: metal basket painting-4
Created by Dr.Rekha Shetty on 2011-04-12,

For the inside wall decoration of this basket i have given the sun mica effect and outside in yellow background i have done some zigzag strokes.please comment

Rangoli: metal basket painting-5
Created by Dr.Rekha Shetty on 2011-04-11,

In this basket i have used purple colour to paint outside the basket and orange colour for inside.Your valuable suggestions please.