You name it :))

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Easy but.. b'ful design.. dats the main attraction of this kolam.. But dont know hwo to name it.. any suggestion? since i stay in 1st floor, i cant put bigger rangolis as the ppl use the corridor to walk.. so chinna kolam pottu sandosha patukuren hehe..

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: You name it :))


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Your coloring scheme looks very good Vidhya. The lamp-stencil look interesting around the rangoli. Let's see who comes up with an interesting name for it. Smile

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Vidhya beautiful kolam.. hmm..."Lamps merry-go-round"

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nice tiny kolam .the name for ur kolam is kaleidoscope kolam.its my imagination . do u agree with it

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Very nice vidhya, simple and very sweet.

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very nice how many dots

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Nice. My suggestion - jyOti pushpa!

Regards! - mOhana

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Vidya nice kolam. u can name it'Kuthu vilakku- Kuthu(m)Ural'kolam

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I think we can call it 'Kuthuvilakku Kummi Kolam' or 'Kuthuvilakku Kolatta Kolam' - looks really pretty - very good choice of colours Smile

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the kuthuvilakku is very superb

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thank you to all smart ladies for the comments n compliments..I couldnt log on ikolam becoz was in chennai. Enjoyed Besant nagar beach, ananda bhavan dinner and ranganathan st shopping and came to blr today morning only..everyone named it nicely.. particularly i liked kaleidoscope and lamps merry go round.. thanx every 1.. hv a grt day