yakshagana face

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About yakshagana face:

hai frnz, latas fotoshop kolam of this face induced me a lot to try out this,, i made it in my room window, how is it??

yakshagana face
Rangoli: yakshagana face


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awesome uma! the has come out very well!-suguna murugesan

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Uma, nice try. Bright colours have been used. Did u mix sand with ur colour kola podi?


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Good try.

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Wow Uma, bright and beautifully done work by you. Good attempt dear.

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beautiful design.... very nice try uma.... the yellow is ( color / manjal podi )

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Very nicely done face Uma...nice bright colours used by you.

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very cute modern yakshagana face .indeed very bright and beauuuutiful .congrats dear

"banna bannada hudigalinda
rachisidhe nee ee mukavanna
Nasidu hogaliruva bharatiya sanskritiyannu
jeevisidhe neenu evattu adrannu '

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Bright and bold - very nice. Can you provide the link of Lata's kolam - i am not able to find this.

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thank u all frnz

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Great work on the mask! Any yakshagAna enthusiasts there?

Regards! - mOhana

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Very beautifully made rangoli uma...d texture of ur pdr is so nice that it looks like a flower bed....esp that yellow is very good pa....

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Yes sir .My dad never took us for any film but for yakshagana he was always ready .As u know in yakshagana there in one bhagvata who use to tell the story by singing and my father was quite expert in that though I don’t remember him in participating as he was very busy . This yakshagana reminds me to tell the story that years back probably in 1978 first time when Karnataka government decided to perform this act with girls my cousin who was two years younger to me took part as a main leading role of krishna and another cousin took the part of Arjun and their troop went all over the India for quite a some time

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thank u sir, rani and rekha mam
everyone was interested in d powder used for d rangoli,, i feel glad to say that they r handmade colors, made by me.
In madurai i bought some color dye powders and mixed with sieved white powder and rice flour,,,

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thanks uma, kind information......... which shop we'll get colour dye powders? suguna murugesan

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This looks so rich, Uma! Very colorful and nice. This reminds me of thalai-aatti-thanjavur-bommai. In fact, it would be cool to include one such bommai in the Golu, don't you think? I don't have it in my limited collection. Smile Thanks for giving us a unique treat.

Veena, here is the link for my Photoshop Kathakali image that I drew with the mouse a long time ago, during Onam.


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thank u lata,, ive got a small pair of it ,,i will post it in my gou foto this yr
sugu in madurai we get near thaermutti,, generally u can get such powders in shops selling chemicals

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hai uma thanq. is it cloth dye powders? -suguna murugesan

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no pa,,ordinary powders only,,

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thanks! n u finished ur cooking works?--suguna murugesan

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cha cha nt at all,, i start only by 1pm, and complete it within 30min,,,,

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very gud ..i have to go for cooking uma ...i'll catch u later-suguna murugesan

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bi sugu