Women's Day

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About Women's Day:

Friends! This free hand rangoli was drawn by Padmamma for International Women's Day in our Bank. I hope you will enjoy it.

Rangoli: Women's Day


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lovely....good colour combination....very attractive

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wooow, superbbbbbbbb kolam with minimumm colours looks very lovely and bright. the combination of colours is also good.

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Thank you for a beautiful treat Padmamamma, and for the wishes Kameswari. Smile

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Padmamma has done a perfect kolam with right choice of colors.. Love her creation..

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Padmamma,very beautiful rangoli ,lovely colour combination..good photography...waiting to see more of ur creations..

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Padmamma's rangoli skill is enhanced year after year! Convey our appreciations to her and encourage her by sharing more and more with us!

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well done job.Thanks to padmmamma and you Kameswari.

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superb colour combination and beautiful kolam

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looks wonderful.

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very nice!!

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Subtle color combination,Go Green India,looks pleasent to the eyes

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awesome...nice color combination

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wonderful colors...i like those yellow flowers in the center...thanks for sharing Padmammaji's works.

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As usual Padmamma has given us another treat with this colourful rangoli Smile

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lovely superb design

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The design inside the circle is very pretty.

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superb kolam and colour combination is too good

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I thank all of you for your encouraging comments for padmamma. Really the rangoli has come out very nicely and it is a feast for eyes.

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Rangoli is very nice

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Padmamma's coloring is unique. I like the inner design. Kameswari, can you upload padmamma's photo , with her permission?

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I will ask her Rajammaji. Actually if time permits I want to create a separate account in her name and transfer all her rangolis to her account.

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Some people acquire it whereas some people are born with it. SrImati padmammA is one such great artistic soul who is born with rangOli skills. The sense of colour and the sense of symmetry seem to be inherent in her art. How many people know that yellow and green are born for each other? One has to marvel at her pattern perfection and colured symmetry! Great padmart!

Regards! - mOhana

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Beautiful creation. Thanks to Padmamma and kameswari for giving this visual treat.

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Wonderful kolam.and nice colours.looking so good.